*Because we looked at what we are good at, and it turned out to be everything

Trusted by big enteRprises to small businesses

Your all-inclusive full-service enterprise

At Tomedia, we pride ourselves on being an all-inclusive, full-service enterprise. Basically, this means that we do everything! Digital consulting and management, hosting, publishing, cyber protection, research and development, and business incubation are just some of the things that we do best.

Never again will you need to work with multiple companies to run your business, just one point of contact for every service, want and need you could imagine.

Your all inclusive agency

At Tomedia, we’re far more than just another digital agency. As your one stop digital shop, we’ve got your needs covered from A-Z. Our services range from web development, design, and maintenance to copywriting, marketing, search engine optimisation, and everything in between. 

All round cyber protection

At Tomedia, we’re passionate about keeping your business protected in the digital space. We offer an extensive range of cyber protection services to keep your digital assets safeguarded, including auditing, education, backups, insurance, data breach analysis, and consulting.

Cloud services, domains and hosting

Tomedia Hosting has everything you need to get your business up and running in the digital world. We have a range of digital products available, including domains, SSL certificates, security features, VPNs, site builders, SEO tools, and email management solutions.

Creative media publishing and support

At Tomedia, we offer a comprehensive range of publishing solutions to take multimedia projects to new heights. From copywriting, social media management, and design to marketing, filmography, web development, and hosting, we’ll give you everything you need to put your project on the fast track to success.

Incubation for your next business 

Tomedia is passionate about supporting the next generation of digital experts, tech giants, and start-ups. As part of the Tomedia Incubator, you’ll have access to everything from loans and investment funding to mentoring, coaching, training, networking, and hands-on business support. 

Research and Development

We love good ideas at Tomedia! If you have an idea for a new product that you need help to develop, our R&D program can help. We offer a range of research and development services for digital and tech start-ups, including market research, competitor research, brainstorming, concept designs, idea development, prototyping, and experimentation.

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