What is design and why is it important?

Design is one of the main way in which you communicate visually with your current and potential clients. 

The umbrella of “design” covers everything from colour, shape, and position to the typography and imagery that you use.

Generally speaking, there are two main types of design. The first is graphic design, which is mainly for print, and the second is digital design, which is for web and other types of digital content.

Design is one of the biggest parts of any company’s branding. Good design is also one of the biggest keys to standing out from your competitors, and developing a brand identity that people connect with and remember. 

Whatever product or service you are selling, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of design at every stage of the product design process.

What design services do you offer?

At Tomedia, we offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure all of our clients’ digital and graphic design needs are covered.

Some examples of graphic design projects we can assist with are:

  • Logos
  • Media kits
  • Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and other stationery
  • Product labels and packaging 
  • Marketing collateral (including posters, flyers, brochures, and postcards)
  • Catalogues, magazines, and other publications
  • Book, CD, and DVD covers
  • Signage and billboards
  • Menus
  • Merchandise (including branded stickers, shirts, bags, and mugs)
  • Car wraps

On the digital design side of things, we can help with:

  • Landing pages, websites, and blogs
  • Apps
  • Banner, sidebar, and other digital ads
  • Icons
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • eBooks
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Digital infographics
  • Digital templates

What does the digital design process look like?

We believe that there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach when it comes to digital design. That’s why our experienced graphic designers will work closely with you to deliver custom designs that are 100% unique to you and your company.

Here’s what the design process looks like at Tomedia:

1. Creative brief 

We’ll start by asking you some questions, so that we get to know you and your business. This will also help us to find out more about your business, brand, and digital design needs.

Some will be more general, like:

  • What does your business do? 
  • What products or services do you offer? 
  • Who are your current and potential customers? 
  • What are your long and short-term goals?

Others will be more design-focused, such as: 

  • How would you describe your brand identity?
  • What is your current design like? 
  • What do you need designed, and how will you be using it?
  • What sort of a message do you want to be giving your customers through your design and branding?
  • Do you have any ideas that you want to share?
  • Do you have a particular preference for certain styles or colours?
  • Do you have any examples of other businesses’ design and branding that you like?

2. Research

We’ll go away and do some of our own research. We will look at who the leaders are in your industry, who your direct competitors are, and what each one is doing with their design and branding. 

This will help us to find out:

  • What “good” design and branding looks like for your industry
  • What design elements should be included 
  • What design elements are being overused by others in your field (and should therefore be avoided)
  • How we can make your design and branding stand out from your competitors’

3. Brainstorm

Once we have a good idea of what you’re looking for, we will start brainstorming ideas for your final design.

We will usually begin by creating a mood board of different font, colour, image, and design samples. This will help you to visualise what we have in mind for your design, so we can be sure that we’re both on the same page. 

We’ll then prepare some rough sketches of potential design options. 

4. Feedback

We will present our rough sketches to you, and you will have the opportunity to provide your feedback. For example:

  • What do you like about our initial designs?
  • Is there anything you don’t like?
  • What would you like changed for the final design?

5. Final design

Time for us to start working on your final design!

We will always provide you with a few variations of your finished design – for example, slightly different fonts, colours, or styles – so that you have a few to choose from.

6. Approval 

We will share our final designs with you, and you will have another opportunity to provide your feedback. If there’s something that you’d like changed, we can tweak your final design accordingly.

Get started

Digital design is just one of the services that we offer at Tomedia. Whether you’re a new business needing help to get started or an existing company wanting to upgrade your current branding, we are experienced in everything design!

To find out more about how we can help with your digital design needs, get in touch with us today at [email protected] or 0419 697 016.